Spells to Bring Back Lost Love of your Life

Love spells to bring back a lover

Basic love spells to bring back a lover are great because you don’t need any special sacred knowledge to cast them safely. If your spell fails, it fails. It’s okay. If you succeed, you’ll enjoy your newly revived relationship for a short time. Why? My loyal readers know the answer. If you don’t know it for some reason, continue reading this article because today I’m going to summarize some of my previous articles on this topic.

I, spellcaster Maxim SpellsHelp.com, have repeatedly written in my articles that your relationship which you have revived is doomed, unless you put a lot of effort into keeping it alive. What was the reason you broke up in the first place and tried your luck at finding happiness with another person? Let’s make a short list of potentially harmful behaviors/factors which can ruin a relationship:

– Selfishness;

– Lack of support;

– Money problems;

– Aging, loss of shape and beauty;

– Sexual satiety;

– Frequent depressed states;

– Alcohol abuse;

– Absence of plans for the future;

– Intellectual incompatibility;

– Boredom;

– Cheating;

– Violence, passive aggressive behavior;

– Hot temper.

Spell to bring back a loverI, spellcaster Maxim, can go on and on with this list, and I am sure so can you, having analyzed your relationship. Perhaps, you can make your own list too. You need one anyway, if your goal is to fight for your happiness rather than cast a simple love spell to bring a lover back for entertainment or out of curiosity.

Unless the reasons why you broke up have been fixed, your relationship will fall apart, even if restored with one of my magic spells. For example, if you’ve always been annoyed by your partner’s selfish behavior, you’ll never be okay with it, no matter what incantation has been uttered; if you don’t satisfy your significant other in bed, it’ll be very difficult to convince him that he is happy with you.

A great advantage of professional magic is that it targets the root causes of breakups and personality incompatibility. My unique and powerful love spells can improve your compatibility dramatically. As a result, you and your beloved will love each other for years. Normally I use multiple love spells, so it may take me longer to complete a project. On the bright side, this allows me to deliver excellent results to my clients at all times.

Do love spells work to get your ex back?

Do love spells work to get your ex back? They do. To cast a spell to get your ex back, you’ll need five needles, five candles, and two items of clothing which you wore when you were still together – one item of your clothing and one item of your ex-lover’s clothing. You’ll also need two photos – a photo of yourself and a photo of the person who left you.

Put the candles in a big star on a large table. Pass a thread through each needle and stick one needle into each of the candles.

Blue candles – if you’re putting this love spell on your ex-husband;

Red candles – if you’re putting this love spell on your ex-wife;

White candles – if you’re putting this love spell on a young man;

Green candles – if you’re putting this love spell on a young girl;

Purple candles – if the target is a male over 55 years old;

Yellow candles – if the target is female over 55 years old.

Let the candles burn and wait for their melted wax to touch each of the needles. Let it happen naturally. It’s an important rule that has to be observed in any easy love spell to get your ex back.

When the wax reaches each of the needles, put your item of clothing (more information about clothes used in magic spells can be found on my website) on the table. Put your photo on top of it and cover it with the photo of the target (face down). Cover it with your loved one’s item of clothing. Take the first needle and stitch a cross on the clothes. Put the needle back into the candle. Repeat four times with each candle to make what looks like a star around the photos made of stitched crosses.

Leave the room. Come back when the candles burn all the way down. Take the needles out of the wax. Stick three needles deep into the clothes but avoid piercing through the photos. Put the other two needles into an envelope. Go to the place where your loved one lives and hide the envelope in his or her apartment or house:

– In the bedroom if you’re putting this love spell on a woman;

– Not far from the TV if you’re using one of the love spells to get him back fast.

Go back home. Put the wax left from the candles over the clothes, roll them up and keep for 2 weeks. This love spells takes effect within two weeks. If your beloved comes back, remember that only global changes in your behavior will allow you to be with this person for a long time. If your loved one doesn’t come back, contact me and benefit from my professional magic services, including a wide range of safe occult rituals and some of the most powerful of love spells available on the market today.

Love spells to get him back fast

Easy love spell to get your ex Question:

“You claim simple spells to bring back a lover don’t guarantee good results. If that’s the case, doesn’t it make more sense to use more complex and powerful spells. Am I right?”


“No, you’re not. I, spellcaster Maxim, have repeatedly warned my readers that complex spells are dangerous spells fraught with negative consequences. So complex spells should be cast by trained professionals who know the techniques to protect themselves against dark energies.”


“Before putting a love spell on the man who owns my heart, I decided to carry out an experiment and see if I can cast spells successfully at all. I put a love spell on a guy who I know has never liked me. Nothing happened. However, the next day I woke up with a really bad inflammation in my mouth. I ended up having several teeth removed! Is it a coincidence or is it always the case with magic?”


“Magic helps people when it’s their last chance at happiness. Magic must never be used for fun. What would have happened if your love spell worked? That man would have fallen in love with you, but your hearts belongs to someone else. It would have broken this man’s heart, making him very unhappy. Thus, your love spell was basically an attempt to make another person unhappy and you were punished for it. So I’ll repeat it: never underestimate esotericism and occultism!”


“I use only white magic. But every time I try to cast a white spell, my cat, who is the nicest cat in the world, just starts going crazy. She starts hissing, bending her back and running around the house. What should I do? Should I lock her up in another room to make sure she doesn’t interrupt my ritual?”


“First and foremost, thank your cat for looking after you. There are many people who’re not allowed to use magic and you’re clearly one of them. The reason you must not use magic is the specifics of your energy. Every time you try to access magical power, you attract some otherworldly creatures. Your cat’s odd behavior is her response to seeing them. So contact a trained spell caster and let him cast your spell for you.”